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Submitted on
August 12, 2009


The Dee Twins are just too cute.
In case any of you haven't been enlightened, they're from Batman Beyond, and they're Harley's Granddaughters.

I have several things I'd like to ask.

Does anyone know any good Batman Beyond episodes featuring Delia and Deidra? If so, send me the links!! :3

Okies, of course for AWA, and possibly the next upcoming MomoCon, I'll be Harls, buuuuut, in the future I'd looove to be a Dee twin! Be here's the thing...I'm not a twin! D:
None of my franns would be willing to dress up like they do, or they will, but thier mom won't let them dye thier fur. D:
So! If anyone that lives in Georgia [or can possibly travel to Ga]
Goes by these requirements:

[Trying to go for very twin like]
About 5'3
Skinny, but not SUPER skinny
Think that you may have smiliar features to me
Can dye your fur and cut it.
Would be allowed to look like a clowny-hooker.
Lemme know.
I mean, we've got years ahead, but I think it'd be really cool to do a Dee Cosplay :]

Okies, so, Emilie Autumn--
DUDE. She's ACTUALLY coming to Ga!! Holy Poop! Of course I'm gonna go ^^
Me ish vereh excited about eet.



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  • Reading: Fragile Things-Neil Gaiman
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The Deeds are my favorite Villains of ALL TIME <3
I don't live in Georgia but she's coming to Boston, where I live around and I can't go CAUSE IT'S A MONDAYYY ;_;
cuppecake Aug 13, 2009
-too short- D: I'd totally do it with you though.. if I could grow 5 inches. =w=;;

artificialXkisses Aug 14, 2009   Traditional Artist
I DUN CARE. You'd be perfect!! Would you??? Omg I'd love that!!!! We also need to hang out soon, too. Ya know, outside of teh cons.
cuppecake Aug 15, 2009
:'DD YESS. But I'm not sure about my hair.. laksjf.
And we definitely need to hang out. c:

BTW. Are you still looking for a place to get a mask for your Harley costume? Because I found this place:
It's a little pricey though. :/
artificialXkisses Aug 16, 2009   Traditional Artist
Thanks for teh link! Hmm...I'm lookin' through it, and the mask they have closest to Harley's might be a little too low...Idk.
I'll have to do some reasearch. I mean, I could always cut it down, but for 35 bucks, I'd want it to be perfect, you know?
Hmm...I shall look around..thankies n__n That is a seriously awesome shop!
cuppecake Aug 16, 2009
Yeah. I noticed the prices after I sent the link. Sorry. ><; I'll still be on the lookout though! C:
artificialXkisses Aug 16, 2009   Traditional Artist
Nahh, it's cool! Most cosplay things are usually overly expensive, lol.
cuppecake Aug 16, 2009
That's true. xD
I'm already going to be your "Twin" at AWA, (Which we must start planning to meet up and stuffs!) and the Dee Twins are so cuuuuuteeee! <33 Maybe I can find a wig like thiers...hmmm.......
artificialXkisses Aug 13, 2009   Traditional Artist
Yeah! One of these days, man!
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